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Fill out the following information about the movie:

1.       Who are the 5 most important characters in the film?  Also list the names 5 of the actors playing these characters.

The 5 most important characters in the film are Mark Zuckerberg played by Jesse Eisenberg, Eduardo Saverin, played by Andrew Garfield, Sean Parker played by Justin Timberlake, Cameron Winklevoss / Tyler Winklevoss, played by Armie Hammer, and Christy Lee, played by Brenda Song.

2.       What is this story about?  Be very detailed!

This story is about how far a creative and intelligent teenage boy named Mark Zuckerberg, would go in the process of making his creation of a new social network become worldwide and living on the Internet. It shows how in this process you may gain a friend, loose a few and make enemies, if you do not watch what you are doing carefully. Mark Zuckerberg had the one closest friend in his life who was always there for him, Eduardo Saverin. However, by screwing him over and messing in the plans to only giving him  0.3 %  ownage of Facebook, a website that they created almost equally, he lost his closest friend.  
Mark Zuckerberg was also accussed of putting out ideas of other students and taking them in possession of his. This is what the story was mainly about, while developing the process of how Facebook was finally created and what conflicts occured during the process.

3.       What group of people would like this movie (demographics)?

I would suggest that people such as demographics, and basically those who are quite interested in non-fiction movies and having knowledge of today's technology. I would recommend this movie to ages groups of 14- 30.

4.       Did you like this movie?  Why or why not?

I actually found this movie mediocre. It wasn't one of my top choices and it wasn't bad. I say this because there were parts in the movie I got lost and misunderstood situations, but there were times I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. Unfortunately , this wasn't the case throughout the entire duration of the movie.

5.       What rating would you give this movie?

I would give this movie a rating of 14A , because I find that people below this age grow would have difficulty understanding the concepts and what was going on in the film. There were parts with adult situations such as the meetings that children would not understand.  

6.       What spoilers might ruin the movie for viewers if you told them about it?

In my opinion, I think spoilers that might ruin the movie for viewers, would be if I told them how Eduardo and Mark began hating each other and were no longer friends in the long run of the movie. As well, if I told them that Mark Zuckerberg was accused of theft in other people's ideas of creating Facebook, because this is what lead to an enormous conflict.

7.       All movies teach a lesson (theme/moral).  What did you learn from this one?

From the movie "The Social Network", I learned that friends are a very significant part of your life, and must never be taken advantage of. When screwing your friends over, it will  not only hurt you but the many others you've taken advantage of in the long run, and people will view you in a negative perspective, instead of a good person. Being a selfish person and wanting everything for yourself , doesn't work well in life.

8.       What title would you give your review (and can you think of a pun that might work for it)?

A title I would give my review is : "An Ongoing Connection". I would my review this title, because, it represents how the movie is lengthy, Mark Zuckerberg's ideas keep going on and on as well as the conflict that follows, and the connection between all of the people he knew, and that knew him. Another word for network could be connection. This is my idea.

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